Specialized in logistics and scientific sampling in the Arctic and on the sea-ice



Arctic Science Field Logistics (ASFL) offers high quality services for your field projects. We specialize in the technical and logistical aspects of scientific field work and are commited to ensure the highest standards for both data collection and project management.


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Our objectices are to build a thight collaboration with our partners from the initial phase of the studies, and to adjust our involvement to your needs, from providing expert field personnel for your sampling to complete management of your field campaign.


Our team members are highly skilled in managing field research campaigns. We have broad experience in leading field-based projects for universities, lab and governmental agencies, and are qualified in logistics management and scientific sampling.


The services we offer includes - but are not limited to:


  • Project management of scientific field campaign
  • Logistics support
  • Designing and implementing scientific protocols
  • Data collection and sampling
  • Continuous sampling throught a whole year
  • Test of equipment
  • Consulting



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